About John-Francis

Named Allure Magazine’s “Little Black Book: One’s to go to”, John- Francis is no novice when it comes to the art of doing hair. John-Francis began his love affair with hair twenty-two years ago; and since, his work has graced the covers of Lucky Magazine, Rolling Stone, Shape, Maxim and many others. Through his reputation in the industry and word of mouth, his cliental grew to include many celebrities such as: January Jones, Hayden Panettiere, Hillary Duff, Gerard Butler, Elle Macpherson, to name a few.

By cultivating these relationships and working with the most exclusive color lines through the years, John-Francis learned what works, what doesn’t, and why. But John-Francis thought,” Why limit feeling like a million bucks after leaving the salon to the celebrities. Every person should feel like a celebrity when getting their hair done”. But not everyone could afford that. The prices were sky high, and people would have to leave without a blow out or other necessities in order to cut down on the cost. That’s when he came up with
“ The West Hollywood Color Bar”.

John-Francis’ Concept

John-Francis believes the foundation of beautiful hair is healthy hair. And the foundation of maintenance is affordability. The West Hollywood Color Bar makes that easy. With three basic packages, there’s no grey area. The packages are simple: Roots, Roots + Allover color, and finally, Roots + Allover color + Gloss. All packages include a consultation by John Francis, as well as a complimentary blow out and a deep conditioning treatment.

John-Francis’ Products

Working with many celebrities and well known publications, John-Francis has had access to the finest of products. He learned what works best and what lasts. Some of his products include: LOREAL PRO, REDKEN, WELLA and OLAPEX, as well as many other high-end hair care and styling products.

John-Francis’ Goal

John-Francis’ goal is and has always been to make people look and feel beautiful. And by making hair-coloring more affordable, he extended his reach. John-Francis invites you to join the family